PWP camp

PWP camp

We kicked off our very first PWP summer camp last Wednesday. Why camp? Summer is synonymous with camp in U.S.

It didnt happen so fast. It took lots of prayer to convince myself that this would be worth the time and effort. Camp idea from Hive Resources added fire to the fuel. I went back and forth and tossed the idea around for some time. Then one day over chick Fila lunch with a friend, it seemed viable enough to try :-)

We prayed again. We planned and finally four of us moms with 8 kids, ages 1 yr. to 4th grade, got together at our home for PWP camp.

Our camp started at noon and lasted for 4 and half hours. Activity unfolded in order.


We all had morning full of activities. So snack sounded like a good point to start. But not just any snack, we had carefully chosen individual snack from around  the world. To make it fun, we asked each kid to roll the globe and blindly point where they think the food was from?

Snacking from around the world

Snacking from around the world

We made quick Kashata, from Tanzania (Africa) which is also popular in Brazil (South America).We served Pita Chips with Hummus.(Middle East, Mediterranean) , Guacamole with Chips(Mexico), Mango Lassi(India-Asia).Kids decorated their own fruit pizza(U.S.A- North America)

Fruit Pizza

Each one of us not only got to taste the snack; we learnt that food comes from the farms around the world. We asked kids to pray for the farmers around the world as they eat the meal at home. To make the remembering easy, we rewarded our global taste testers with the world placemat.


 Not every kid liked every snack they tasted but everyone had something,they liked :-)

After snack we moved on to next activity of the day.

Crafting for purpose

Crafting for purpose


Ms. Megan taught the kids to reuse empty plastic bottle and transform it into piggy bank. Kids used their imagination to decorate it from  flying pigs to princess and unicorns. We asked the kids to collect the money, which can be used to support the cause in future.

One of a kind camp T-shirts

One of a kind camp T-shirts

Camp T-shirt design: Every camp needs a T-Shirt. So why not us? I printed camp-T-shirts for kids and let everyone transform it into a masterpiece. They loved it.Kennedy got the reward for perseverance and meticulousness for her T-shirt design !

Ministry Support:

We found out that one of the local homeless ministry is in need of toiletries .So each one of us brought toiletries. Each kid colored and stamped the card and filled up the happy sacks for our homeless friends.

homeless ministry support

homeless ministry support


We kept the game for the end.Ms Stacey was in charge of the game. Kids played the game of sardines. Who doesn’t love the game of hide and seek, even if it is reversed. We had more games planned yet we decided to try them in another camp.


Ribbons of Virtue:

We observed each kid throughout the camp and awarded them with ribbon of virtue, such as good attitude, sharing heart, friendliness etc. Each ribbon had the name of the country printed that the kids can pray for, at home, along with the memory verse John 3:16.

Each country was handpicked. It represented the heritage of each of us involved in this camp .In addition to that, we also printed the name of countries, that we have missionaries from our church.Each boy and girl proudly wore their ribbons.

Ribbons of Virtue

Ribbons of Virtue

Our camp allowed us to have fun on a budget. We hope our kids saw the purpose in what they tasted, what they crafted, the ribbons they wore and happy sacks they put together.

 We pray that the heart of every kids and adult is  stirred for the love of Jesus through this camp experience.



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