Pennies for Mission India

Pennies for Mission India

Have you found a penny in a laundry basket or a nickel on the counter top?

I do. I often hold that penny in my hand thinking what will I do with you? I simply used to put those pennies in an empty jar because i couldn’t ignore it.

Recently my friend Jessica told me about the mission India organization. Since half of my family lives in India,I was curious to find out more about this organization. I came across the rice bag project started by mission India . I learnt about the Bible Clubs which is changing the life of a family through a child. Best part, it takes a $1.

I suddenly remembered the pennies that I was dropping in the empty jar. It has found  a purpose.So,we spread the word among our friends.


Last week, we hosted a family fellowship. We asked our friends to bring the loose change that they have been collecting. Would you believe it that, we together collected $20 worth of loose changes, mostly pennies?

It was a great math exercise for the kids to count all those pennies, just saying :-).We were not expecting to collect $20 ,so together we decided to send $15 to mission India. It will enable 15 kids to go to the bible clubs. And for remaining $5, we bought parasite protection kit for the kids in Africa.

So next time you find a penny, save it and keep adding to it.You can make your penny count to change a life of one child and one family.


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