Lunch at the Academy

Lunch at the Academy

Summer conjures up many images for me.Growing up, summer meant visiting ‘Nani Ghar’(grandparent’s home).Though nothing can take a place of ‘Nani Ghar’,there are so many summer  activities for the children of all ages these days. Library, park ,theater and not to mention,ever so popular camps.Sports, dance, legos, arts, music, cooking you name it and there is a camp for it. 

I like that we have these options to explore and enjoy the summer.Though, what I would  like even more is the opportunity for our children to participate in something which is ‘other’ centered during these relax summer days.

Summer can be a very fun time for many,however i can not ignore the sad reality for many others as well.For some kids, it means, no breakfast and lunch.It also means, being stuck at home for the lack of better options.It translates into having no easy access to the resources that these kids may have available through the school such as library, computer, gym etc.

Couple of weeks back, I found out about the summer academy, started by the local Hill Country Daily Bread Ministry.Summer academy is a step forward to help out some of these kids.Best part, these kids not only get to catch up on their skills, they are also learning about the love of Christ.

S : Spiritual, E: Emotional, E: Educational


So, one fine morning, we cooked some food, loaded our SUV and headed out to have lunch with 30 some students and their mentors.My kids constantly asked what i am up to ?

  • It was amazing to see students sitting down for meal, sharing laughs.

summer academy

  • It was great to meet  student interns, who are willing to help other students in their community with  time and skill.
  • Most of all, it was awesome to just visit with these students for a little while with my kids.It opened a door for my kids to ask questions and opportunity for me to explain few things.



I was assured after talking to Denise and Megan that they work very diligently to make these kids ‘See  their kingdom value.”

 If you are wondering why i am talking about an afternoon lunch we had, on a PWP page.Here is why?

First ,i want to encourage you to look for an opportunity to serve.What a blessing you will be! Second,I want to brag about the providence of my God !

Three keys of ‘Playdate with Purpose’ is :Pray, Plan and Playdate(fellowship).

  • When I first found out about the need to provide meal,i wanted to jump in right away.Part of that has to do with my love for cooking !.Not so fast.Many things came in my mind, doubt, being one of it.So i shared it among my friends and they prayed along with me.


  • I was reassured about cooking.Next to decide,what to cook?Again,group of my friends presented me with some great menu ideas.They helped me think through and  plan the meal thoroughly (burrito bar!).I had a bit of logistical figuring out to do in the last minute.I was stressed out about it. Right on time,another friend of mine stepped up and opened her home.Huge blessing to me on a very timely fashion.

             What an amazing providence of God ! He always works out the detail while we are foolishly worrying.

  • Now the playdate. None of my friends were available at the time of serving the meal,but they prayed for us as we headed out.I was fully convinced that i will not be alone serving the meal.We had plenty of helpers.Blessed to meet  Denise and Megan.Denise was very graceful to answer every little question that i had.

So,what are you doing this summer?How about help a kid to see their kingdom value?


  1. Nive–It was such a blessing to have you and your children come and join us at our Summer Academy this year. In our busy day, I get to sit back and see moments of connection with these students and Christ and it is so great to see. They are learning about provision from God and when generous and heart centered helpers come to share with them, it is interesting to see their understanding grow of how much God loves us through the love of others. Thanks for your support and your witness to all you encounter!! God bless you and yours!!

  2. Denise,Thank You.It is great to hear about how kids are growing in understanding.It was absolute pleasure.

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