Do you struggle with obedience?

Do you struggle with obedience?

Last week, I had a privilege to meet a couple; I had heard so much about, Daniel and Esther.They are visiting here from Nigeria.

What makes this couple extra special?

Their face literally radiates with LOVE OF CHRIST. If you ask them how many kids do they have, answer is astounding 300 and number keeps growing. Yes, everyday they take care of that many children,including many babies, many special need children.

Daniel and Esther founded an orphanage,called ministry of mercy, in a small town of Otutulu ,Nigeria. I asked them, how they went about starting an orphanage. Gasp. They didn’t had fine blueprint that they had been dreaming over years, making sure all pieces are on the right place before  breaking the ground. No, none of these ostentatious aspirations.

Daniel and Esther simply OBEYED, when God brought them their first baby to take care of and never stopped caring. God multiplied the children and His provisions simultaneously. How radical is that? OBEDIENCE.I do not know about you, but I have a tendency to over-analyze and over-think when God puts something in my heart instead of simply giving it ALL to the LORD and take a step of OBEDIENCE.

I asked them, do you worry about the provisions for the children?

Daniel smiled. He said, God has provided beyond what we can ask and hope for. He is FAITHFUL.I do not worry.

Four words, simply spoken. Oddly enough, I can spend hours and days in misery worrying about the things which possibly will never happen and not move an inch paralyzed.My fears are bigger then my aspirations.I needed to hear this.

What I learnt?

God honors our unfaltering obedience. He rejoices when we rejoice in Him alone. We can rest in His promises.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

So do you struggle with obedience ?If so,what are you doing to change that?


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