Compassion Packet Goodies – May

Compassion Packet Goodies – May

We always send the letter to Apeksha with some paper goodies.So we gathered together as a family around our dinner table to craft and glue something .It took us half day to put most of these.We added some finishing touch another day as well.


Apeksha’s letter gives us some idea about what she likes.However any items we send has to be within compassion gifts sending criteria .So this is what we included in our package.None of these ideas are originally mine.Pinterest has abundant of boards with terrific ideas and we implemented some.

Letter Package items

Handprint cutouts

We each traced our hands on construction paper and cut it out.I asked each one of us to write their favorite memory verse in their own handwriting(I wrote it for my little boy).Since Apeksha knows Hindi which is my mother tongue,i translated each verse in Hindi on other side.We also sent a blank paper for her to trace hand and send us back.




If you do not know your child’s language, Bible gateway have translations in many languages.Google translation helps too.However,i personally felt some of these translation were bit off for me.

Cut out Dolls

Apeksha loves dolls.So  I let my daughter make two cut out dolls,She dressed one representing her and other representing  Apeksha.There are lot more fancier doll templates available online.I chose the one which my daughter can free handed draw and cut by herself at Origami source.




We had bunch of paper strips lying around as we were cutting and making the stuff.Abby took one and rolled it like a bracelet and asked if we can send that.So i looked for a way to make it durable and still be paper at Alma Stoller.





One of Apeksha’s favorite verse is Psalm 23.So I asked Abby to write this verse  on the bookmark.I translated the same in other bookmark :-)


We packed each item in ziploc bag and marked them with sponsor number details.You can also print out the mailing/shipping labels with these details,so you do not have to write it every time.Simply, print, peel and stick.

I hope some of these ideas have encouraged you to write ,send and sponsor children.


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